How to lose fat and build muscle at the same time

How to lose fat and build muscle at the same time

The trick for overnight transition is to loose and to gain at the same time, meaning how to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. But there are majority of people who believe that these two things cannot be done simultaneously or at the same time which is wrong. However the basic How to lose fat and build muscleoverlook that remains of the believers is that loosing fat refers to considerable decrease in calorie intake and building up heavy and impressive muscles is all about consuming excess calories. Yes, of course we need sufficient calories in order to built muscles and we also need to burn deficit fat but what we don’t understand is that if our body does not meet the caloric needs through food, it turns towards the stored calories, often known as fat. Now, since those fats and in the form of body fat, we have to burn that excess body fat to build the muscle. Here is how to lose the excess fat and maintain or gain lovely eye-capturing muscles.

  1. One should take constant intake of protein. 1 g of protein should be taken as according to per pound of bodyweight and is to be taken 5 to 6 times in regular intervals in a day.
  2. Intake just as much calories as required by the body to believe that it won’t die of starvation, but don’t take calories enough to gain weight.
  3. The best idea to keep the calorie intake in record is to scribble down the amount of calorie taken at every meal. This will help to keep a check over excess consume of calories, if any.
  4. Also plan out hardcore tough and long workouts on a daily basis.
  5. On the scale of per day, 30-40 minutes cardio exercise should be done. It can help to gain muscle and loose fat simultaneously.

The fundamentals of muscle building

From cover page of magazines to Hollywood movies and even advertisements, models with beautiful physique and great pose are everywhere. The way they look and move inspires millions of people everyday to achieve a body like that. Such shapes and proportions can even be frustrating at times, since they are beyond the reach of a common man. If you seriously are willing to attain such a body, you can fulfil your desires with a little hard work and basic understanding of how to do it. The first step to muscle building is to understand Basic Muscle Building Fundamentals.

The exercise causes sheer stress on the muscle fibres which causes continuous breaking of muscles at a very low level. The body secretes hormones which accelerates the repair of the muscle fibres. This leads to muscle building. This is the reason why beginners feel pain in their muscles when they start with their regime. This pain subsides eventually. This process continues for a long time. The tissues are in a constant state of break and repair during weight lifting and forms of heavy exercise. Since this process is difficult, it requires lots of energy and body building materials. The protein supplements and carbohydrates provides the required energy as well as the amino acids which help in muscle repair. For the people who are extremely careful about their diet, muscle building is not too tough. The amounts of sets and reps are equally important. Varying the amount of sets and reps while maintaining the same muscle tension can lead to different affects in different parts of the body. The strength of the skeletal muscle fibres increases with higher number of reps per set. Whereas, the density of muscle fibres increases with the low amount of reps per set. An effective workout routine needs to have a mixture of both in healthy ratio.